My Story & Creationism vs Evolution

Before I get into how I got into gold prospecting, I’d like to tell you a little background of myself. Although I’m mixed, I’m mostly white and when I was younger I ran away from home because of family problems. I ended up getting into a mainly Latino street gang in the Los Angeles area called ‘W/S Los Rebels 13’. It was mixed with other nationalities and at the time it was a fairly large gang. They started in the 50’s as a band called Los Diablos and the original members were mainly from South America. Later as it eventually turned into a violent street gang, they changed the named to Los Rebels Trece. They welcomed all nationalities (unlike some gangs of that period who mainly only allowed Chicanos or a certain race into their hood). They had Central Americans, Chicanos, Colombians, a few whites, a couple Armenians, a few Asians, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, a few who were Italian, Jewish, etc - It was very racially diverse.

Anyhow, without going into too much detail, I should actually be dead right now and I shouldn’t be here, but God supernaturally intervened and did a miracle in my life and healed me, etc., so I gave my life to Him and became a Christian. I work with gang members and drug addicts periodically (and of course gold prospect on my spare time) I’m blessed with a small business and I try hard to live by the bible and the words of Christ - and that’s what it’s all about for me!

What got me into prospecting was when I was listening to a Christian radio station (99.5 FM - KKLA, here in Los Angeles) one night, I heard a person talking about the importance of having a portion of our investment portfolio in precious metals because the value of paper money is diminishing. Well, I knew that was true and this topic interested me very much and at the end of the show, one of the gentlemen said that he was into ‘gold prospecting’. I sort of laughed to myself at this, thinking that all of the old timer’s got all the gold. I later found out that this wasn’t true and I ended up joining a gold prospecting club and that’s where my quest for gold and my many adventures began.

From time to time I get into debates with some of my gold mining colleagues regarding how the gold got here and since I’m a Creationist and believe that the earth was submerged in the biblical account of Noah’s Flood (which to me is the only rational explanation of how rounded river rocks, boulders and gravel got way up high canyons, etc) And many of them seem to ‘parrot’ what they’ve learned from geology class or where ever they studied, instead of thinking outside the box. Remember, it is ‘men’ who invent fancy words for things that they want to name to appear “intelligent”, but men have come and gone throughout history and they all had their own ideas and opinions and many even make up false evidence to support their anti-biblical views of how we came to be! (Like inaccurate carbon dating results, falsifying the results, etc., just to bend it to their closed-minded views of evolution) The bible says; “Let Gods word be true and every man a liar” - How true is that? Aren’t we a bunch of liars and deceivers? So why are we so quick to believe individuals, teachers, scientists, etc., who don’t have God in their lives just because they have Capitol letters after their last names? Incidentally, the first scientists were Christians (Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, etc.) The educational institution was started here in the States by Christians and back in those days all of the schools included biblical lessons as part of the daily curriculum. No wonder we became so advanced and our nation produced much better men back then and no wonder that now that we’ve backslid from God we are so screwed up and immoral!

Compare our great nation of that period with today, and what a bunch of disgusting, corrupt, lying, immoral, socialist scum bags we have in leadership now and you’ll see a major difference - and we are just as bad ourselves at times!

Well, back to the point - we are only humans here and since no one is God, we all make mistakes. Even evolutionists, geologists, atheists, etc., don’t seem to agree on things and are always questioning, debating and guessing. (Like; the age of the earth, how life began, how minerals were deposited and the like.) But yet, they’ll intimidate us with $10,000 words to impress how much they think they know about these things. (It’s laughable how they throw around the age of the earth - 9 million years ago! No wait! It was 100 million years ago! etc) Come on, give it up! How do you know, were you there? Stop guessing and give in to our Creator! The Bible says that “God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise” That’s funny, look at me - an ex-gang member who didn’t even graduate from high school and yet He put His wisdom in my heart and mind - The Creator of the universe! Cool! It’s all common sense.

You don’t have to always measure things by what they tell you - you have a brain, think for yourself! Be strong and stop being a lightweight and stand up for what’s right! Don’t fear man but God! This is earth is thousands (not millions or billions) of years old - around 6 thousand years old according to Biblical chronology! Most bible scholars with a young earth view estimate approximately a 6000 year time frame which would make sense if you have an unbiased point of view (I’ve researched much evidence given by reputable scientists and defenders of Intelligent Design regarding why the earth is this old which I won’t get into here now because of too many other details.) Besides, Darwin was, in fact, an amateur, with no scientific training, and this was to lead to a difficult fight for acceptance of his ideas (He wasn’t even geologist and yet he writes so much about the subject.) So why is it so easy for people to believe lies from an individual with no real credentials and yet they won’t listen to someone else who has good questions and legitimate arguments or even from more respectable persons with degrees who hold to a Creationist position when it comes to truth? Like the bible says in 2nd Thessalonians 2:11-12; “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  How sad, people are so rebellious and stubborn they LIKE to be lied to they don’t want truth, especially when it has to do with their Creator.

Stop fearing what man says or thinks of you but fear the Lord! Proverbs 9:10 says; “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

Regarding marine fossils, an interesting thing to observe are fish fossils in the sediment layers, this also gives evidence to a ‘sudden catastrophic event’ rather than long periods of time because when animals die they decay and dissipate in one way or another (I.e., scavengers, microorganisms, etc) but these fish were just suddenly trapped in different strata of material indicating a rapid event taking place and not a gradual process as the ‘old earthers’ like to imply (or rather shove down our throats!)

Another observation is in the ocean itself! Everyone knows that erosion from the upper geological locations bring down tons of material on yearly basis, if the earth were millions or billions of years old, there would definitely be more measurable salt in the ocean than what we see now, not to mention much more measurable layers of sediment on the ocean floor - but there’s not!

Carbon dating has been proven to be inaccurate at times (as well as other methods of dating, no method is foolproof) - There’s even an instance when this method incorrectly dated a living organism to be millions of years old! A well-known scientist took FOUR samples after Mount St. Helens erupted (about 25 years after) using another method called potassium-argon dating and each varied in the age of the rock from hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years! And we are supposed to believe everything these people tell us!!! Carbon 14 dating only works on ‘younger materials’ and if the material were millions of years old, the carbon 14 would have dissipated ions ago!

There’s many DVD’s, Books, etc in the Apologetic Section of your Christian Books store or online made by scientists and geologists who are Creationists (many of whom used to be atheists themselves) who give much more evidence for creation then evolutionists give for evolution. Some of the ways evolutionists claim as fact on how the earth, life, the universe, etc., came to be, is laughable and sounds like it came out of a science fiction movie rather than from science. Don’t let their pompous words deceive you, God also gave you a brain and common sense is one of the things we don’t use much nowadays when we try to decipher all of the nonsense that constantly floods our senses every day! USE YOUR GOD-GIVEN COMMON SENSE! One of many good web sites that confronts all of this is:

I have some friends who are fellow prospectors who hold on to the evolution theory (I emphasize the word ‘theory’ - not fact as the so called “professors” try to shove down our students throats!) but they know that I care about them and we enjoy the topic of gold mining and that I mean no ill will towards them and I’m not trying to be purposely insulting or offensive, however I’m not afraid to adhere to what I believe to be 100% true and I’m not afraid to voice my views - only cowards do that! And if the liberals and twisted minded perverted mental midgets in positions of power have no problem ramming their views down our throats don’t you think that people of good character and conscience should be ‘bold as lions’ in defending truth and standing against evil indoctrination? Especially those of us who are Christians!

This country was founded on Christian principles, the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers were Christians - That’s what made this country special and great and not anything else! The schools now brainwash and remove any vestige of Christian heritage and reprogram their minds with liberalism, socialism, perversion, etc. They only focus on the bad people and what they did rather than the good that was done by good people. Would the Founding Fathers lie down and take it!? Do you think they would just say nothing?! Absolutely not and neither should we! We should get good people back in power even if it has to be done covertly little by little and take back this country from these self-imposed ‘gods’ who think they’re above us! Communist dictators in other countries have this mentality. They view the people as ‘subjects of the State’ to worship big government. Basically, we’re just ‘cash cow slaves’ who live only for government and we have no freedom or rights. Only what little the government feels they want to give us is what we’re forced to accept. We can’t voice our concerns or have ‘Freedom of Speech’ in these societies or we’d be thrown in prison if we turned like them or lived in these countries! But you see they have infiltrated our nation and the same erosion of our freedom is little by little taking over or society like a cancer. And evolution is one of the main causes of this arrogant and dangerous view - and this view has caused the deaths of millions (way more deaths than so called ‘religious wars’ which was not condoned by Holy Scripture by the way) via Marxism, Nazism, Communism, Socialism and false religions.

In the 1800’s there was a law made (I don’t recall the date) that basically said that “Any law repugnant to the constitution will be made null and void” - The states should just not obey the Supreme Court when they uphold unconstitutional laws like; ramming healthcare, immigration, anti-gun rights, abortion and other perverted rulings down our throats that contradict the Constitution.

Gerald Ford once said. “A government big enough to give you everything you want will also be strong enough to take everything you have.”

Okay back to the subject again - To those of you who are believers - if you really do your homework and dig into some good apologetics along with Creation Science research, etc., then you will see how weak their arguments actually are! Either we were created or we were a result of an accident, period! There is no other way we got here! And you can’t have part ‘accident’ and part ‘biblical explanations’ and then try to incorporate millions of years into the Genesis account of creation without spoiling the original intention of what God meant in Holy Scripture. Especially since the bible is clear about being literal ‘days’ when God created the earth (i.e., Genesis 1 verse 5 says that - “God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, ONE day” - I emphasize the clarity of what ‘one day’ means!). Yes! Some things are allegorical, spiritual and symbolic in the bible but this is not one of those instances - God made it very clear here. So please don’t read into it anything other than what it means!

In regards to the Great Flood, there are times they will find hundreds of fossils all piled into a cave way high up a mountain side or they may find them way at the bottoms of old dry lake beds, etc - because the dead carcasses floated or washed to where they ended up when the earth was submerged!

Regarding ‘evolution’, You’ll never find fossils with true transitory developments. For example; a fish sprouting a leg, or lizard growing a wing, etc. It’s always a complete animal (albeit, some strange ones at that but evolution has nothing to do with it) Because God created complete animals and complete humans not over millions of years but instantaneously! Now obviously there are variations and sub species from particular animals over thousands of years but no evidence exists for gradual developments of particular living creatures! I don’t care what they tell you, there is none! Anywhere out of millions of fossils they’ve found! Anything said contrary to this fact is a lie!

Evolution also contradicts the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which basically states that things left on their own tend to disorder (‘entropy’ is another fancy for ‘disorder’ - or ‘break down’ so to speak.) In other words, if the earth and the universe were left on its own (and there was no God) then things would turn into chaos rather than order. Evolution states that somehow things advanced to intelligent life miraculously (science is a religion in case you didn’t know. In fact,  I think it takes more faith to believe that nonsense then simply believing in an Intelligent Designer) Just as there are cars, there are ‘car makers’, just as there are clocks there are ‘clock makers’, etc  - The human body is far more complicated than anything made by man, so there must be a ‘people maker’. That is not anything confusing to me at all! There’s too many variables and ‘miracles’ that need to take place for random molecules to come together in exactly the right manner to create life - I don’t care how many millions of years you add to it, things left on their own will not somehow ‘jump’ together in just the right manner to create life. Let alone ‘evolve’ into a higher intelligent life form. Things left on their own ‘decay’, ‘break down’, ‘degenerate’, etc.

Another thing is that Darwin wrongly assumed that the simplest cell was not complicated and could combine with other cells to create life. The problem however, is that with the advent of powerful microscopes, these cells and proteins are anything BUT simple! These little ‘factories’ are extremely complex! What really baffles them is that DNA molecules have information that was placed into it to make it do different functions and place it into the exact correct location of the cell! This is one of the things that have made some scientists become believers! Only a ‘mind’ could have placed that information there! It couldn’t just automatically know where to go and what to do on its own! Click here for more information on this.

Some would argue that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is only referring to a closed system but that is a weak argument because you still cannot explain how things came from disorder to order not to mention how it became a living form AND how things evolved to stay alive - many creatures in this world would not be here if they evolved because they depend on other things to be alive in the first place (including man) Everything all had to come at one time to keep the life forms alive and that includes the proper amount of light, water, air, etc - It’s just unimaginable and impossible for that to be explained away by evolution. And here’s a ‘monkey wrench’ in the system for you - Another older law of science states that “From nothing, nothing comes” - So where did everything come from to begin with?! Unless it was spoken into existence as the Bible says by a divine loving Creator! It’s impossible for things to just appear out of thin air! But I’m sure in the mind of these stubborn individuals they have some cockamamie explanation invented in their rebellious minds towards God (we’re sinners and rebellious against God, so no surprise there) even though it makes no sense at all! Magicians do that and we all know that they are using sleight of hand to perform because they aren’t God, but if God is God then He can do anything! The bible says in Jeremiah 32: 26-27 (and in other places) this; “Then came the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah, saying, Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is anything too hard for the Me?”

Either the bible is true or not (not part truth and part lies, if God is God then He can protect His word - the Bible, throughout the ages, which He has.) Don’t let people, television, teachers, etc., convince you that the bible is full of myths, the earth is millions of years old, science has all of the answers, blah, blah, blah! Those are lies, they twist biblical history, give false so called facts, they will not ever say anything positive about what we as believers hold dear - Why? Because they are the enemies of God. As the bible says; “Let God’s word be true and every man a liar”. The bible says that ‘Satan is the god of this world’ (temporarily to test men) and that ‘he is the father of all lies’ - so it’s safe to assume that much of what you hear and see around you is based on lies and falsehood - it’s designed to keep you from reading the bible, obeying God, loving your neighbor (more than your selfish self), spending time with God and doing His will, etc. Instead we have made a god out of ourselves and out of pleasure, because of our rebelliousness against Him! That’s probably why God is allowing our society to change and be taken over by our enemies of the Constitution and this great nation - Because WE’VE been rebellious and disobedient.

Okay, regarding ‘gold deposits and how it got there, it’s the same argument; in hard rock mines most gold deposits in quartz veins tend to peter out as you go deeper. Most of my research on discoveries of lode mines show this to be the case time and time again (I’m not talking about bedrock shifts separating the veins as a result of earth quakes,or the pressure of the waters on the earth from The Great Flood causing shifting, etc) You always seem to read about how in the past where hard rock mines were discovered and worked, that the riches portion of the vein of gold was near the surface - it’s almost as if God did that on purpose to confound people who are not believers to get them to think “Hey I wonder if there is a God and if He just kind of threw it there near the surface of the earth where he wanted”! But what do they do instead? They trust in ‘guesses’ that they spout off as fact - “Oh, it was glacial”, or “The mountains were uplifted”, etc. Yeah right! - Are you telling me that EVERY mountain with ancient flood gravel on it was “uplifted” and it got there because of an ancient river? - Well, they got it part right, but not the part about the “uplifting” of the mountains. But if gold actually came from the ‘bowels of the earth’ then you’d think that the deposits would be larger as you go deeper but usually this is not the case. Speaking of supposedly “glacial deposits” I was reading a gold magazine a while back (I forgot which one because it was about 2 years ago) but it had an article of a geologist disputing the claim that gold was deposited to certain areas by glaciers. So, just because you see pathways in dirt doesn’t concretely mean it was from a glacier. In addition, gold could have shed from smaller hills from small veins.

When God first deluged the world with water, it rained for a long time (for 40 days, also the underground spring waters burst forth upwards) and as a result, monster flash floods where coming down from everywhere. They’d make our modern day flash floods look like water running down your driveway! Eventually, they’d rise and push dirt and gravel into the canyon walls that are higher up (and eventually, this all stopped because the earth was finally totally submerged in water) - In addition to that, over the centuries the canyons would erode even further down. That explains gold being found both high and low and in some very unlikely places. If you study, gravel deposits higher up mountain sides, you’ll notice that the gravel is laying there just like you’d see if you were underwater dredging in river. If the mountains were “uplifted” then you’d see the rocks and boulders from a top view (circular) rather than slanted side views you see in normal flood layers. So it’s pretty clear how the river flood gravel got up so high on the mountains!

So, ‘yes’ the river gravel deposits got there because of ancient rivers (notice I said ‘rivers’ plural) but not because of one particular humongous river that flowed across the planet at one time when the earth was supposed to be more flat and then heaved upwards into mountains with rivers still on the sides of it - That explanation sounds silly to me. There were already mountains here when God created the earth as documented in Genesis 1 verses 6-7. It says that the earth and sea was divided. If there were not ‘higher ground’ (i.e., mountains, higher land, etc.,) then there would be no separation of land and sea - it would only be all water - if it was all level. That’s not to say that over the thousands of years (NOT millions but I said thousands of years) that earthquakes and other geological phenomena may have caused some mountains or land to move and shift but not all of them! But massive flash floods coming from everywhere high and working its way to lower elevations is what pushed residual pockets of gravel deposits to where they are now, high up on the sides of mountains.

Regarding ‘volcanoes’, if the gold comes deep from the earth, why don’t you hear much of people finding gold in the hardened volcanic exothermic sludge (lava)? One time I was watching a Gold Fever show (which I enjoy time from to time) and Tom Massey did a show on his Hawaii trip and at the end of the show, he never did find any gold. You’d think that that place would have gold spewing all over the mountains and islands with all of the volcanic history there, if gold actually came from the depths of the earth. But nope! God dispersed it into the rock just the way He wanted to!

There’s been ancient flood gravel found UNDER lava caps but not much of anything in it! And ‘yes’ lava could have covered those ancient flood deposits after the fact because volcanic activity still happens all of the time!

Elements found in lava: Lava is molten rock that has been extruded onto Earth's surface. Before it reaches the surface, lava is called magma. Magma contains crystals, unmelted rock, and dissolved gasses, but it is primarily a liquid. Oxygen, silica, aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, titanium, and manganese are the primary elements found in magma, but other trace elements may be present in small amounts.

So we don’t see much gold in this stuff. That’s not to say that the gold was not put into other types of molten rock formation during the point of creation at very high temperatures and maybe it was primarily in the upper portion of the earth’s crust and that was the end of it! But most of the dense gold was in upper layers of earth and it gets smaller as it goes lower. I’m not talking about microscopic gold particles dissolved and dispersed throughout particular deposits around the world like in South Africa, that doesn’t prove anything - it only raises more questions and theories amongst geologists. And I’m not saying that that there haven’t been found larger gold masses as you go deeper, but the vein usually gets worked out before then which makes you wonder why it doesn’t get thicker as you go deeper - How did it get there? This questions still baffles geologists!

If geologists would only go out and ‘let the rocks speak for themselves’ and get rid of the preconceived ideas that was hammered (or brainwashed) into them while they were in college then they would not be so quick to assume that the rocks came to be by ‘chance’ as a long gradual process but rather by an orchestrated and calculated event from the mind of an eternal God, that happened in a short period of time (not eons) as a result of His judgment on the wickedness of mankind by a global flood.

I’m only trying to point out that it all makes more logical sense from a Creationist’s point of view rather than an Evolutionist’s point of view. Life and death itself proves the fallacy of evolution because the life span of all living organisms including mankind is too short to give evolution time to evolve into anything. In addition to that, where would the opposite sex come from to keep the reproduction going of these supposed evolved life forms! In other words, if a ‘man’ somehow came into existence by ‘chance’ then where did the woman come from to keep reproducing? Are you going to sit there and tell me that she came by chance also!? It’s utterly ridiculous! A woman’s body is so much different than a man’s! The same goes for all other life forms on the planet.

Right now at this moment, the earth is rotating around the sun and the moon around the earth at just the right speed that if anything was to slow down or speed up just a little it would destroy all life on this planet. If earth was a hair too far from the sun or too close, we would perish instantly! If the planets came together by accident, then they should have drifted apart by now!!! What force is keeping everything together perfectly like clockwork! Is this by chance? Nope, because by the same chance we all should have been annihilated by now - it wouldn’t have lasted this perfectly for so long without a force keeping it all together! The Bible says in Colossians 1, 17-18; “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.” Hebrews 1’ 3-4 says this of Jesus: “Who being the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high: Being made so much better than the angels, as He hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.”

Why don’t we have 23 hours instead of 24 hours in a day, or 21 hours in a day, or 28 hours in a day, or 17, or 43, etc.? - What force is keeping the planets rotating perfectly? Only God is the logical explanation - There are only 2 choices of how we came to into existence; we were either an accident or we were created. There is no in between explanation and only ‘creation’ is the most plausible of the two.

Another question I ask myself is what is keeping the sun burning? I mean when you light a match it will quickly burn out - You need fuel and oxygen for something to burn and so why does the sun continue to burn? One can argue that the sun is not ‘burning’ in the sense that we know it but instead it’s converting hydrogen into helium and some hydrogen is turned into energy and therefore doesn’t need oxygen to “burn”. BUT as when a Hydrogen Bomb explodes for example, then the fuel molecules in it are used up - it doesn’t keep ‘exploding’ but rather it runs its course and that’s the end of it. It’s no different with the sun - it should have burned out or lost its power a long time ago!!! You can stubbornly adhere to the belief that we were just some sort of cosmic accident, but to those of you who don’t live by; “I have my mind made up don’t confuse me with the facts” and are sincerely open to honest debate, then hopefully you’ll see that there is some legitimate ideas and truths regarding Creationism. In fact, you’ll find that the arguments are better for our position because of its logicalness rather than the ‘religion’ of evolution where ‘guessing’ is a good portion of their foundation.

I remember when Ronald Reagan was president of our beloved United States of America reading on national television from 2nd Chronicles chapter 17 from the bible and one of the verses he read was this; “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Where are all of the good godly men? Have we all become vile and corrupt? Is there no more goodness in the land and are we doomed only for judgment and curses rather instead blessings?

If we accept His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior - the One who died in place for our sins and we repent of our sins and obey Him, then God will bless us once again and “make us the head and not the tail, above and not beneath” Then He will restore our freedoms, our rights, our prosperity and honor - That’s the real cause behind losing our freedoms and our mining rights, etc. We are filled with rebellion, sexual perversion, drunkenness, drugs, lies and theft, selfishness pleasure, idolatry, false gods and false religions, you name it!

Our churches are backslidden and play ‘religion’ but we don’t adhere to the Scriptures and to the way the disciples lived and it’s no wonder people aren’t impressed with Christians, they act and behave no different than the heathen! People just play church (what few people do go to church now!) We need to repent as a nation, go back to church and be an example and live for Him and obey Him (not just in church but every day of our lives!) Our sins have placed a curse on us and instead of repenting we are in denial and/or full of excuses! Do we really deserve to enjoy the pleasure of prospecting (or anything for that manner) if we made a ‘god’ out it and turn our backs on the One who so graciously bestowed these blessings upon us in the first place?! The same loving father who gives his child a toy can take it away and maybe get a spanking if they are selfish brats with it! See the parallel?

Well anyhow, to wrap things up - I can talk about many more things besides proof of God’s existence, like; the deity of Christ, the reliability and accuracy of the Bible, other religions, etc., but it’ll take up too much time here. So don’t be a wuss! Stand up for what you believe to be true! Think for yourself, don’t let others think for you! Don’t believe everything you hear! Question things! And DON’T be afraid to speak out against what you know to be wrong! That’s another reason why we’re losing this country to atheistic and communistic ideologies - we act more like pagans and shame on us!

There’s usually always a good apologetic section at most Christian Book stores defending the Creation position - and you can find some good books written by scientists who were former evolutionists who finally came to their senses and ‘seen the light’ so to speak, who really give good irrefutable arguments in favor of the Genesis account of the origin of the earth. One video you can rent that I recommend is by Ben Stein called ‘EXPELLED’ - It’s not a Christian video but it exposes the lie of evolution being taught in universities and he does a good job at pulling their covers and exposing the fallacy of this belief system (“yes” evolution is a belief system). They (the evolutionists) at one point tried to stop this documentary from being shown in theatres because he displays the clear bias against any other view besides evolution! In fact he also interviews top scientists with high honors and degrees who were blacklisted and booted out of the universities, etc., just because they questioned evolution or changed their views to a Creationist position. That’s how much the ‘wicked one’, the enemy of our souls hates when the truth is manifested in such a clear and concise manner!

This nation has turned its back on God and we’ve rejected what He says to do in the Bible and now we are reaping the repercussions of that sinful state of mind!

I’ll close with this very profound quote by one of the many godly founding fathers of this great nation, William Penn, in which he said; “Those people who will not be governed by GOD will be ruled by tyrants”

Remember that quote. Thanks for reading this!

Brother Dannyboy, your fellow prospector









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