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84 Year old miner on crutches still drywashing for gold in the Mojave Desert Ca., using the KEENE DW2 Puffer!

Drywashing for gold in the desert during the Great Depression (Old Coolgardie camp North of Barstow, CA)

Desert Gold

My favorite Drywasher!!! KEENE makes durable quality products! I like to move a lot material to get more gold and this larger unit does it for me! Simple as that! And this unit never fails me! Rugged design for years of use! Although it’s large, it’s not difficult to set up - I’ve seen smaller units that were not only heavy but more complex to put together! These units can not only be used in the desert but in the Mother Lode or ‘river country’ where the dirt is dry and/or water is difficult to bring to! (For dry or semi dry dirt only)

High velocity air passes through the concentrator creating an electrostatic charge to attract gold and other metalliferous values. The hot air from the engine is ducted into the radial blower, preheating the air and concentrator to 50 degrees above ambient making it possible to process a higher capacity of material and increases the electrostatic charge. An adjustable oscillation system creates increased vibration and air flow at lower engine speeds which increases fine gold production, especially in damp ground conditions. Equipped with an extra large hopper for greater capacity while steeper sides prevent material build up. The folding frame makes this model a dream for quick and easy set up!

KEENE 151 Vibrostatic Drywasher

* Includes everything you need; Honda 4.5 motor, blower hose, Drywash assembly & accessories!



DW2 Hand Crank Mini Dry Washer

Simply the lightest, most compact, portable and efficient Dry Washer on the market. The easy turning hand crank controls the vibration on our DW2, enabling heavier materials to settle faster. The oversized Marlex hopper has an adjustable flow control to provide an even flow of material with increased capacity. The dual riffle design greatly improves fine gold recovery and has a snap latching system which makes removal of the riffle tray a snap for clean up.




Same drywasher as above but adds 12 volt motor, motor mounting bracket, drive belt, pulleys and hardware. This unit is all set up to operate on your 12 volt battery or to operate with the hand crank.  



Give your arm a rest and convert your DW2 Hand Crank Dry Washer to electric with this handy Conversion Kit.

12 Volt Electric Conversion Kit (DW2)

Shipping Weight: 15.00 pounds



The adjustable oscillating vibrator and adjustable flow gate controls make this Dry Washer ideal. The large feed hopper can hold up to 2 1/2 gallons of material enabling it production of up to 3/4 cubic yards per hour. It also can be operated with 'yard' type leaf blowers or the Keene gas vac. This super light weight (20 lbs.) concentrator is a snap to set up without any tools and folds into a 11" x 21" x 31" package that can easily be attached to a back pack frame.




    * Super light weight construction, weighs only 20 lbs.

   * Super compact, folds down into a 11" x 21" x 31" Package.

   * Steel legs fold up into packing position in seconds.

   * Extremely quick and easy to assemble, requiring no tools.

   * Can be assembled in less than one minute.

   * Adjustable oscillating vibrator.

   * Dual action riffle design for any gravel conditions.

   * New large feed hopper holds up to 2 1/2 gallon capacity.

   * Adjustable flow meter controls flow of material over riffle.

   * Attaches to pack frame in seconds.

   * Operates with "yard" type leaf blowers or a gas powered vacuum.

    * Large capacity - can handle up to 3/4 of a yard per hour.

Blower, hose and pack frame are not included.

KEENE 140 Vibrostatic Drywasher



A proven performer through the years, these Gold Buddy drywashers are made in California by JOBE Tools, and are designed to deliver years of service. They have been redesigned for 2009 so that their legendary performance just got even better.

Hoppers & Recovery Boxes: They all have aluminum hoppers and recovery boxes that are precision crafted from aircraft grade aluminum.

Grizzly, Legs and Riffles: The grizzly, legs, and riffles are made of zinc plated steel for years of durable rust free service.

Folding Leg System: Gold Buddy drywashers all feature newly redesigned folding leg systems. The legs are plated steel thin wall square tubing and are shipped attached to the drywasher. The legs are collapsed by simply pushing two push pins, and they remain attached to the drywasher when folded down.

Blowers & Hoses: These drywashers are designed to use a 3 inch air hose stock, #-5128 with details available below. They will run on any quality 3 inch, 2 cycle leaf blower available from any lawn & garden store for $70 to $130.

Proven performers through the years, these Gold Buddy drywashers are made in Apple Valley, California  and are designed to deliver years of service.

GoldBuddy Drywashers

(A) The Gold Buddy VIBRA-LITE Small: This is the newest addition to the Gold Buddy drywasher family. It is 33" tall and the recovery box is 18" long and 6 1/2" wide. Weighs only 11 pounds.

GO-5729 Gold Buddy VL Small Drywasher   

(B) The Gold Buddy VIBRA-LITE Medium. This little unit is just slightly smaller than the original Gold Buddy standing 38 inches tall. The recovery box is 21" long and 9" wide and the complete drywasher weighs only 15 pounds.

W-5728 Gold Buddy VL Medium Drwasher

(C) The Gold Buddy VIBRA-LITE Large. The largest of the Gold Buddy drywashers this unit stands 43" tall. The recovery box is 24" x 10" and the unit weighs approximately 27 pounds.

W-5727 Gold Buddy VL Large Drywasher






* These drywashers are designed to use a 3 inch air hose stock number W-5128 . They will run on any quality 3" 2 cycle leaf blower available from any lawn & garden store for $70 to $130.  They will also work well with the Keene 4 cycle blower stock number W-5942 or the blower supplied with the KEENE 2 cycle Vac-Pac vacuum stock number W-5788.

Handmade Used Portable Light Weight Wooden ‘Puffer-Type’ Sampling DRYWASHERS

These light portable units are handmade and are excellent for locating untouched gold deposits in difficult to reach places where larger & heaver equipment can’t be brought into. Perfect for dry gulches, gullies, ravines, etc. I recently sold one on E-bay to a gentleman who was going to use it in the upper ‘dry gulches’ of the Mother Lode to find new pay layers. In many cases - MORE gold has been found by this method! These are not for ‘Volume Production’ but mainly for sampling while hiking into hard to reach areas. These units can fold flat and are light weight. Each took several days to make, (they look easier to construct than they are..) A hooked rod or wire is used to ‘puff’ the bellows.

Camo Mini:


Plain Mini:






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