This New 4” dredge is specifically designed to be lighter and more portable than our standard model. The smaller, lighter, more compact 4” is ideal for packing into remote areas and is also great for quick one day outings.

The sluice box has been shortened by 8” for a total of 40” in length. The new sluice is a single stage box, however with the woven wire classifier, the long rubber damper, miners moss, rubber ribbed matting and the latest riffle designs, you will not be disappointed in the fine gold recovery. The lighter sluice and flare weights around 30 lbs, making it easy to throw it over your shoulder and pack it in. The new float and frame on much smaller and lighter only 40 inches wide and 60” long and complete weighs less than 50 lbs. The dredge is just the right size to fit in between the wheel wells of a mini pickup or inside a small SUV.

The dredge comes the  the 6.5 hp Honda, our P180 pump and the  T80 air compressor and the air snorkel. The Dredge comes with 20 feet of suction hose and the oversized non-clogging power jet and jet flare. This is a lot of dredge in a little package. (* We do have the standard 4” Dredge if you request it - $3499)

KEENE 4” Ultra Mini Dredge

* Our best-seller and my favorite!!! Why? Because these units are lighter and yet still have the power and diameter to move gravel! One man can handle this and it’s easier to maneuver than most other units.  The smaller units don’t suck as much gravel and by comparison are still relatively cumbersome, so if you want something that moves a goodly amount of dirt for a one or two man operation and yet light weight, this unit is for you!



Compressor Included!

Ultra light... Ultra Portable... Ultra Efficient... Ultra Economical!

The Ultra 3 has set a new standard for smaller sized dredges. The unmatched performance of this dredge system is designed for those who operate in extremely remote and challenging locations. It can be easily transported and is lightweight and quick to assemble. Powered by a variety of engines, pumps and compressors offering a choice of power to fit individual needs. The Ultra 3 features our high performance 3 inch sluice box recovery system with a longer expanded metal classification screen, black ribbed rubber for quick recognition of values and miner moss for excellent gold retention. Comes with a shorter oversized power jet and longer Marlex Jet Flare for greater suction power and non clogging features. The one piece ribbed lightweight Marlex floats and two piece frame provide a compact package that when assembled is smaller lighter and more compact than all previous three inch dredge models. (* We do have the standard 3” Dredge if you request it - $3499)

KEENE 3” Ultra Mini Dredge - 6.5 HP Honda




(* 4 HP Honda 3 Inch Ultra Mini Dredge w/Compressor)- $2399


Compressor Included!


Our 2.5 Inch Dredge series is probably our most versatile group of dredges that we offer. The portability, functionality and performance makes these dredges worth their weight in gold! Take a look at all the different Models we offer!

KEENE 2.5 Inch Dredges

25025HPJ 2.5" - 2.5HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Power Jet $1,749

25025HSN 2.5" - 2.5HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Suction Nozzle $1,749

2503PJ 2.5" - 3.5 HP Jet Flare Dredge w/Power Jet $1,799

2503SN 2.5" - 3.5 HP Jet Flare Dredge w/Suction Nozzle $1,799

2503HPJ 2.5" - 4 HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Power Jet $1,949

2503HSN 2.5" - 4 HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Suction Nozzle $1,949

2503HCPJ 2.5" - 4 HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Compressor & Power Jet $2,349

2503HCSN 2.5" - 4 HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Compressor & Suction Nozzle $2,349



The 2 Inch dredge series is our smallest, lightest, most portable and affordable line of dredges we manufacture. We refer to these dredges as our "back pack dredges" because they can be carried as just that, back packs! This kind of portability makes our 2 Inch series ideal for extremely remote areas and the perfect solution for small or low water stream type conditions. Our 2 Inch dredges are ideal for the novice to get started with and a tried and true favorite of the weekend prospector. Simple set up, straightforward operation, compact storage and completely expandable into a power sluice or bank mounted dredges.

KEENE 2 Inch ‘Back Pack’ Dredges

This super high powered backpack dredge is equipped with a lightweight, heavy-duty 2.5hp Honda 4 cycle engine that nearly doubles the power from our previous models. This smooth dredge produces an unbelievable 100 gallons per minute and 161 feet of head pressure. The sluice box is specifically engineered for fine gold recovery and easy clean up. The 2004PJF is constructed with an aluminum frame and either inflatable or Marlex pontoons. The inflatable pontoons can be easily deflated and rolled up into a small package making them extremely easy to transport and store. Our Model 2004PJF comes equipped with a power jet which is ideal for most conditions and provides the most suction power. Net weight is 65 lbs.

2" Backpack Dredge with Power Jet



This Back Pack frame is heavy duty all around with welded tube construction and solid strapping for heavy loads like our Dry Washers! Snazzy camouflaging and a waist belt top off this deluxe pack making it as stylish as it is functional.

Heavy Duty Deluxe Backpack



The 2004PSNF is same high powered, lightweight machine as our 2004PJF but is equipped with the suction nozzle for extremely shallow conditions. Nothing but performance from this little dredge! Net weight is 66 lbs.



KEENE 2" Backpack Dredge with Suction Nozzle

We've taken our 2004PJ Back Pack Dredge, tossed in our HBCKH Power Sluice Hopper, our HBCKF Frame Legs and souped this baby up into one powerful little conversion! Why haul all the material to the water when you can work straight from the source? Equipped with a 2" x 1 1/4" power jet and a capacity of up to 1.5 yards per hour, this model was too good to just slate as a simple coversion. Complete with 25 feet of pressure hose and couplings, this is a definite must for any prospector that wants results.

KEENE 2” Backpack Dredge with Combo High Banker  Conversion and Power Jet




For More HIGH BANKERS And Recirculating Systems

KEENE Larger Dredges and Commercial Dredges

The 5211HP wields dual 6.5 horsepower Honda engines for superb power and performance. It boasts a T80 air compressor for diver support, our incomparable 3 stage sluice system, as well as a float system that is so stable and rugged you can maneuver in any water conditions. You want portability in a professional piece of dredging equipment? Well you have it and then some with the 5211HP!

5 Inch, Dual 6.5 HP Honda Dredge With 3 Stage Sluice


Equipped with an 11 horsepower Honda engine, our model 5111P is so portable and powerful that there is no wonder it has become a favorite of dredgers everywhere. Light, portable and efficient with our fine gold hoarding 3 stage sluice system, the 5111P is clearly a sound choice for professional results.

KEENE 5111P - 5”, 11 HP Honda Dredge With 3 Stage Sluice



KEENE 6218HM -  6" Twin 9 HP Honda Mini Dredge with T80 Compressor

6218HM Specifications:

Engine: Two 9HP Honda


Model: P289

Comp. T80


Depth: 40”


Size: PJ6T2




Shipping Weight: 510.00 pounds

Code: 6218HM




Type: PFA5T


Capacity: 15 YPH


Per Hour: .90


Weight: 430 Lbs.

6" Twin 9 HP Honda Heavy Duty Dredge:



6" Twin 11 HP Honda Heavy Duty Dredge:



6" Twin 16 HP Vanguard Heavy Duty Dredge:



KEENE Model 8040 Gold & Gem Dredge

The 8 inch Gold and Gem Dredge is designed for professional gold and diamond operations. The frame, floats and sluice are built to accommodate the increased weight and power of the 40 horsepower diesel engine that drives this beast and should provide years of powerful, economical and reliable service. Equipped with two 263 Air Compressors, this dredge provides an ample air supply that can accommodate up to four divers.  

The 8040 is suspended on 12 Marlex float modules with spacious carpeted decks that provide an ideal working platform. The 20 foot long specialized sluice box can be selectively customized for either gold or gemstones. The sluice box is also designed with an effective and highly efficient recovery system that may be cleaned while the dredge is operating, enabling the dredge to continually operate with minimal interruption. Dredge comes complete with 30 feet of suction hose, all necessary couplings and even comes with a removable ladder that can be positioned at various on the float frame.

8040S Specifications -

Engine Type: 40 Horsepower Diesel

Pump Model: 2 Belt Driven P1500

Compressors: Two Model 263


Depth: 80 Feet

Sluice Box

Dimensions: 20' x 30"

Maximum Dredge

Capacity: 35 Yards Per Hour




8040 Specifications -

Engine Type: 40 Horsepower Diesel

Pump Model: Belt Driven P1500

Compressors: Model 263


Depth: 50 Feet

Sluice Box

Dimensions: 20' x 30"

Maximum Dredge

Capacity: 30 Yards Per Hour



This specialized dredge is equipped with two 10 horsepower Yanmar Diesel engines that drive our P350 pumps as well as our heavy duty 263 air compressor that will accommodate multiple divers. This unique dredge features our SB6SE, 6� extended sluice box that is equipped with a specialized 20� x 26� Diamond Riffle, a system specifically designed for the recovery of diamonds and gemstones. The 6220DE has an amazing a dredging capacity of up to 15 yards per hour and a depth of up to 50 feet.

The floatation system on this dredge has been extended for superior stability even in fast, deep water conditions. The extended floatation has enabled us to flank both sides of the sluice box with carpeted platforms over 12 feet in length, providing for ample work space.

The 6220DE comes equipped with our PJ6T3 Power Jet which features dual 3� jet logs, 30 feet of our SH6 Suction hose and all necessary couplings to put the Jet to work.

Simply put, this is the finest 6 inch Diamond dredge on the market and will surely give you all the performance you would expect from a dredge of this caliber.


* Extended PFA6E floats and 18' x 8' frame.

* Six 6' PF6N Pontoon floats

* PJ6T3 Power Jet with 3" x 3" jet logs

* SB6SE 6" extended sluice box with 20' x 26" Diamond riffle

* Fuel Capacity of 1 gallon per tank

* 30' of SH6 Suction Hose

* Dredge depth of 50 feet deep

* Discharge capacity of up to 15 Yards per hour

* P3510D P-350 with a 10 horsepower Diesel Yanmar

* P3510DC P350 pump with a 10 horsepower Diesel & 263 compressor

* Net Weight 1500 lbs.

* Shipping weight 2000 lbs.




KEENE 6220DE Diamond Dredge







Email: crazyforgold007@yahoo.com






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