Regarding ‘Audio’: We’ve been helping catch cheaters, thieves and sneaky teens for

many years now! I guess you could say that we have got a few good tips to do the job.


First of All, for ‘Cheaters’ I’m not too keen on ‘spy cameras’ because most cheaters don’t

bring the individual back to the house (Note regarding vehicles: it’s too difficult and impractical to set up

video in the vehicle unless you have the money, time and a really really good place to hide stuff because a little more bulkier. AND it’s more difficult and time consuming. And the little portable spy cameras that are being sold only have about an hour of battery life!). And for the home - unless you know for sure that the adulterers are committing their ‘thing’ in your house then I would not recommend a spy camera.


For inside the vehicle or  room, etc., we’ve actually had better results with our ‘Spy Recorders’! These

units are ‘audio only’ - It’s not video and you will not hear the other person whom they are talking to on the other end of the phone conversation BUTTTTT, these are not normal recorders! You do not have to be talking close into the recorder (like normal cheap store bought recorders and you can pick up and hear much clearer than most recorders on the market because of the high gain mini microphone that plugs into the unit!) - We sell these units to law enforcement, PI’s, etc.) So rather than capturing ‘bits and pieces’ of the conversation These units have a ‘high gain’ microphone and you will have no problem hearing  what they are saying. We’ve had many customers catch their cheating spouse, sneaky teens, etc. the first time they used it!!! If they are cheating and saying sweet nothings to someone else, then you know it’s not to you and so you will know they are not being faithful by how the spouse is talking to the individual without needing to hear the person on the other end of the phone!


Sometimes our customers found out; the names of the individuals, whether it was ‘one person’ or ‘several persons’, sometimes phone numbers, intimate details, etc., - all just by reviewing back the recorder!


The other day we had someone (who purchased the ‘Spy Recorder’) come back in for another product, who found out that their spouse had a ‘secret phone’ they didn’t know about! (They record about 160 hours (1 GB) which you’ll probably never need to hear that much at one time, and we recommend, ENERGIZER ULTIMATE LITHIUM Triple AAA Batteries 8X - You get about 3 days or more of battery life on these!) These units are voice activated and can easily skip over boring non essential recordings right to the ‘juicy stuff’ which in turn can either be listened to on the spot or saved on the computer if you’d like! It also comes with a secret home telephone jack to record both sides of the conversation on the home phone (covertly on ANY jack in the house!) if you want.


The conversation can be simply erased from the unit (or from the computer) and can be ‘edited’, emailed to someone, saved on a disk, etc!


Finally, it can save you money in the long run! For example, the other day two ladies came into the store and one of them said that her husband was cheating on her - after she heard the ‘Spy Recorder’ (which we set up for people before they buy it, so they can then easily use it when ready) she loved it and bought on the spot, but her friend was angry with her because she spent $3000 dollars on a Private Investigator and he didn’t get nothing during that period! But she still had to pay him because he did his job, it wasn’t her fault that her husband didn’t do anything visible (maybe he seen the PI following him). But I told her, that he was probably in the car talking to the girl on his cell phone and if she would have secretly placed the recorder in the vehicle (*While he was in the shower or distracted some way, it could be placed with Velcro under the dash board, or stuffed in the ‘Head Rest’ or under the ‘Cup Holder’ etc) - And whatever they don’t admit in front of you they will be saying behind your back while they think they are safe and no one else is around AS THEY ARE TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONE IN THE CAR! - It’s kind of like hiding your ‘ears’ there when you can’t be there! Even PI’ s come into our shop to buy these units and charge their services to their clients for using them! If you are lucky a PI might get some photos at a night club or somewhere like that, but the spouse can just deny it later and say “we’re just friends”, etc., but you can not deny what is said from the heart in privacy!


NOTE: It may be illegal in your state for ‘Two Party’ conversations to be listened to
or recorded - please check with both local and federal laws regarding this issue
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