This is the lightest, most compact sluice box with all the features of a professional sluice! Absolutely ideal for small creeks and testing small placer deposits. Features a removable flare for easy backpacking. Dimentions: 6.5" x 11" x 33"



A51A KEENE Super Mini Sluice Box

The standard sluice for lightweight prospecting and our most popular medium size sluice for all around use. Features a balanced handle for ease in carrying. Dimensions: 36" x 10" x 4.5"

A51 KEENE Mini Sluice Box




*  The riffles are designed for superior recovery under different water and gravel conditions. The first few riffles are stream riffles to make it easier for the water to start to move the material, followed by Hungarian riffles to enhance recovery if greater stream volume is available. The body of these sluices are aluminum and the riffles are plated steel.

*  Each sluice includes a section of ribbed black rubber matting for instant gold recognition.

*  A section of diamond cut raised aluminum is included for enhanced fine gold recovery.

*  The riffle latching system is centered for quicker and easier cleanup.

*  The steel riffles are plated for decades of durable service.

*   Accessories are available to convert the 45 inch sluice into a power hibanker or a dredge.

*  The 45 inch sluice has a removable flare.

#6503 JOBE Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice



The lightest, most portable aluminum sluice available. Great for backpacking. The GOLD BUDDY MINI SLUICE features a revolutionary riffle system that is precision laser cut from a single sheet of steel, and then zinc plated. This produces a very lightweight but strong riffle system and the zinc plating allows for

decades of rust free service. The sluice body is approximately 24 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches deep. The unique riffle system is 15 inches long with 5 riffles. The total weight, including gold grabbing expanded aluminum over the carpet, is only 2.8 pounds. Avaliable in two models. The #-6524 has a built in flared intake and the #-6520 has a straight intake so that you can add accessories including an optional detachable flare.

#6524 GOLD BUDDY Mini Sluice




The lightest, most portable sluice available. Great for backpacking.

Made of polypropylene plastic with 2 ABS plastic Hungarian riffle

systems with miners moss pads. The entire unit weighs less than 2

pounds. Custom corrugation molded into the plastic, traps gold

making recovery awesome and setup a breeze. The E-Z sluice is

black, 2 1/2" deep, 24" long and 7" wide.

# 5896 E-Z (Mini) SLUICE





Aluminum flare and bolts allow you to lengthen the E-Z sluice and enhance its ability to work with low

water levels.





" New and improved riffle design for superior recovery and more versatility

under different water and gravel conditions. The first few riffles are

stream riffles to make it easier for the water to start to move the material,

followed by Hungarian riffles to enhance recovery if greater stream volume is available. This sluice box has been the standard in the industry for decades. Desined with a wider flare for increased flow and made longer for greater capacity. Features a balanced handle for ease of carrying and the flare is detachable for storage and packing.

" Each sluice includes a ribbed black rubber matting in the bottom for

instant gold recognition.

" New improved riffle latching system for quicker and easier cleanup.

" Lighter and more compact for easier transportation.

" New improved handle for easier transportation.

" Models with flared input (style A) have removable flares. Dimensions: 10" x 51" x 4.5"

KEENE A52 Large High Production Hand Sluice





The " RIVER ROBBER " sluice is made of light weight wear-resistant green plastic. 16 inches wide and 48 inches long but weighs only 4 pounds. The riffles are designed with a two-step ramp which allows the sluice to recover fine gold without vibrating or the use of a carpet liner.

Le Trap #5106 Large “River Robber” Sluice






New locking design for 2012:

Only  9 x 14 x 4 when it is folded it is a very small package.

Unfolded it is a formidable 9 inch x 50 inch stream sluice that weighs only 7.4 pounds. This is the perfect sluice for the backpacker or the prospector who has space issues for traveling or storage, but wants the increased production of a larger sluice. Complete with 3 folding sections, expanded aluminum under all the riffles, a detachable flare, and a section of Deep-V vinyl mat.
















Detachable Shoulder Strap:

The carry strap is removable and extends to 45 inches so that it can be used as a hand or shoulder strap. This allows the carry strap to be easily removed when the sluice is in action.

New Riffle Design:

The riffles are now a Uni-Body construction precision laser cut from a single piece of 18 gauge steel and then formed into ultra light, sturdy steel riffles. These are then zinc plated for long rustfree service. This innovation cuts about one pound off the weight of the complete sluice.

JOBE #6506 Folding Stream Sluice Box



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Keene Engineering has developed a new Folding Sluice Box. It folds into a small Nylon bag as shown and has an amazing new rubber riffle design that works fantastic in both fast and slow water conditions. The flare is equipped with its own mini riffle design for early reading. We have tested the riffle design for several years and are amazed at its high capacity and perfection in fine gold recovery. This new design cleans up quickly and easily. This new sluice has exceeded our expectations in performance and we are confident that this will change the way sluice boxes are built in the future.

The sluice box is 10 inches wide with an 18-inches wide flare. The two recovery sections are 20 inches in length, totaling 51 inches in overall length. It weighs only 9 pounds and is designed to hold up and endure harsh field conditions. Another great feature is that you can shorten or lengthen by adding or subtracting sections that takes only a minute or so. Shipping weight: 12 lbs.

A52P Portable Folding Gold Pan

#A52P - $99.95



Bottom view of Riffles