Guard Alaska

Bear repellent spray uses a special FDA approved formula and ordinary pepper spray is not recommended to use against bears.

Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent has proven so effective repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as arepellent for ALL SPECIES of bear! It is absolutely the most effective and powerful bear defense spray available today. It is environmentally safe! Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances. The formula is scientifically proven superior, and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation. 260 grams. Range: Approximately 15-20 feet. Dimensions: 8-3/4" x 2" BR-9.


#-GA17 - $39.95


                       BIG BEAR PEPPER MACE

Bear repellent spray uses a special FDA approved formula and ordinary pepper spray is not recommended to use against bears.

Great news for true outdoor enthusiasts! Now you can protect yourself against possible bear attacks, with safe, humane Mace Bear Repellent Spray. This powerful Magnum Fogger sprays up to 30 feet! Both sizes empty in approximately 5.4 seconds. 80346 contains 260 grams and measures 8-3/4" x 2".


#-BB78 - $36.95



Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm

This unit can be used to place under the tarp of your dredge and wirelessly wake you up in near by at camp if some jerks mess with your machine, it can also be used to place  in the path to camp, alerting you to bears or humans sneaking up (It’s wireless, they don’t hear it go of YOU DO!!!

Also it can be used as a wireless motion detector that you place near the entrance to a driveway or doorway. Anything passing by the transmitter will cause the receiver to sound a pleasant chime. This makes a great alert for folks with small children. Place it by the doorways and if the child tries to leave the chime sounds to alert you. 400 foot range

* This sensor is weather resistant


#-DP1 - $36


Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

Made of polyester material designed from

insulation used in space exploration. Can also be used as emergency ground cover or as a reflector. Waterproof and windproof. Bag size is 84 inches x 36 inches.




#-6516 - $3.95



Pocket Fire Starter

This handy pocket sized tool can help you start a fire without matches in any kind of weather.

#-6373 - $5.95




At work, at home, or enjoying your hobbies now you can have leg armor protection for your entire lower leg, ankle and upper foot. This unique system allows air to flow between your Snake Guardz gaiters and your leg, providing cool comfortable protection with unrestricted movement. Space age .028 inch thick impact-resistant polycarbonate inserts protect the front of your leg while .02 inch thick impactresistent styrene inserts protect the sides and back of your leg.

Weighing less than 7 ounces you barely know you are wearing them. One inch straps and quick release buckles maintain their fit without needing to be readjusted with each use. These gaiters are available in three sizes . The sizes are as follows: Medium fits 55 to 125 pounds. Large fits 125 to 225 pounds. Extra Large fits 225 pounds up. Mossy Oak camo 1000 Denier water resistant nylon fabric.

#-6340 (specify size M,L,XL) - $69.95



Emergency Survival Blanket

Made of polyester material designed from insulation used in space exploration. Reflects 90% of body heat. Can also be used as emergency ground cover or as a reflector. Waterproof and windproof. Bag size is 84 inches x 52 inches.

#-6510 - $2.95





Key chain size, but very effective and sturdy.

#-6216 - $1.99



  Emergency Poncho

A handy item to keep in your vehicle or back pack for weather emergencies. A full size adult plastic hooded poncho made of polyethylene. Measures 50" x 52" x 80 " and is reusable. Comes folded in a pocket zip-lock bag. One size fits all. Weighs less than 2 ounces.

#-6511 - $2.39



4 Pack of Waterproof Matches

Four pack of waterproof matches. Approximately 45 wooden matches to a pocket size box. Ideal for hunters, fisherman, campers, or outdoor workers. Safety matches cannot light accidentally. Must be struck on waterproof striker surface on box.



#-CG940BP - $3.49


Fire Starting Paste

For quick clean fire starting without flareup or splashing this is for you. Useful for starting campfires and priming stoves in cold weather. Impress your friends with your fast fire building skills. Handy to carry and easy to use. Squeezes on like toothpaste.



# - CG8607 - $5.95


Magnesium Fire Starter

A must for every field trip. Start dozens of fires from a flame source generating 5400 F. Just scrape with a knife, and ignite shavings. Perfect for scouts, backpackers and hunters.


#-CG7870 - $6.99


Waterproof Fire Starter Sticks

A fast, safe way to start barbeque, campfires and fireplaces. Sticks leave no odor and burn completely. Non-toxic and light even after being submerged in water. An excellent emergency source of heat, light or for use as a flare.



#-CG7940 - $3.49


                Emergency Strobe Light

EMERGENCY STROBE_ is a powered by one "D" cell alkaline battery (not included) which will allow it to flash at 60 to 70 times per minute for up to 16 continuous hours and then at a diminished flash rate for up to a total of 60 hours.

This personal protection light is visible for up to three miles, depending on atmospheric conditions. It easily attaches to a backpack, belt or Personal Flotation Device by its stainless steel locking pin. It is U.S.C.G. and S.O.L.A.S. approved as a PFD/Safety light, and it is an ideal accessory product for all outdoor activities.

"Making others aware of your location" can be a very valuable lifesaving benefit in a variety of situations, on land or on the water. The magnetic "reed" on/off switch, waterproof case and hard acrylic lens cover make this a very unique safety product. #-MPI5013 - $19.95



              All Weather Blanket

SPACE_Ǭ Brand ALL WEATHER BLANKET is a by-product of the super insulating materials originally developed by MPI for NASA. This blanket will reflect and help retain over 80% of radiated body heat, providing warmth and protection, even in sub zero temperatures. Manufactured by MPI since 1964, this is a premier accessory product for all outdoor activities. The fully bound material measures 60" (152 cm) by 84" (214cm) and weighs just 12 ounces (340 g). The multi-ply laminated construction along with the reflective metal surface make this the "ideal personal protection blanket", for personal protection, shelters, ground covers, boating, hiking, sight visibility and it is a radar reflector. The ALL WEATHER BLANKET is a four ply laminate of clear polyethylene film, a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum, a special reinforcing fabric and a layer of colored polyethylene film. This new ASTROLAR_Ǭ reinforcing fabric provides up to 50% more tear and puncture resistance than our previous product. The special four layer construction techniques of the ALL WEATHER BLANKET and its unique physical properties help to make it a perfect accessory item for all outdoor activities. #-MPI8713 - $12.95



Six Function Whistle

Six super handy tools in a super compact package. You get a whistle for emergencies or if you get lost in the woods, a signal mirror, thermometer, magnifier, L.E.D. light, and compass to get you back on track.

#-CG0466 - $12.95


Coghlan's Survival Whistle Aid 5 in 1

Five useful survival tools in one. Great to include for your survival kit, pocket or pack. Includes waterproof match box, liquid filled compass, shrill signal whistle, fire starter flint, nylon lanyard.

#-CG8634 - $4.99



        Safety Signaling Mirror

The SAFE SIGNAL_Ǭ has a patented two-sided special reflective surface design. The silver mirror side surface is to be used as a daytime signal mirror, by reflecting the sun's rays to a distant point for location recognition or heliographic signaling. The special enhanced red mirror finish has been optically designed to be utilized as a light reflective surface at night, to attract attention of rescuers, when needed, or to help other members of your party find you in the darkness. To generate the light source against the special red surface, the use of a focused flashlight beam angled into the red mirrored surface will create an extremely visible flashing beacon that can be seen from up to 3 miles away. By moving the flashlight from side to side across the ultra bright red mirror, the direct reflection of the light will create a super bright flare appearance. In daytime, use SAFE SIGNAL_Ǭ as a standard signal mirror, create an angled reflection in front of you, move the reflection upward and outward from your position. You are not really aiming the beacon of light, unless you have a specific target, but creating a series of intermittent flashes that can be seen from great distances.

SAFE SIGNAL_Ǭ is manufactured exclusively in the United States from two layers of specially prepared polycarbonate resin material that is bonded together with a sophisticated waterproof adhesive structure. It is salt and corrosion resistant, shatterproof and will maintain its unique two sided reflective qualities for many years. The overall size is a compact flat 2.25 inches in width, 3.25 inches in length and 0.25 inch in thickness, an ideal size that will easily fit into any pocket or pack. The weight is just a mere 1.25 ounces, allowing it to become an integral part of everyone's safety gear. The 3 foot polyester cord lanyard makes it easy to attach to any Personal Flotation Device or to wear around your neck, being available "if and when needed."

#-MPI0113 - $9.95



10 Band Dynamo World Receiver Radio - Keeps You Informed!!

Don't Leave Your Family in the Dark! 10 band weather radio warns you of emergencies and keeps you informed. There are 4 ways to keep this amazing radio charged. The built-in rechargeable nickle metal hydride (NiMh) batteries can be charged via the solar cell, the hand generator, or with the included AC Adaptor. There is also a housing for a couple of AAA batteries, just in case. The new multiband design takes this excellent emergency radio to the next level. Not only do you get the standard AM/FM radio bands with some Shortwave bands, you now get 5 Shortwave Bands, the Weather Band so you can pick up NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts, 2 Television Bands, and an Air Traffic Control Band. This is a radio you cannot afford to be without! The long 2 foot antenna helps focus in on the signal and gives you clear, strong reception when you need it most. You will always have power and now you have all the channels you could need in any circumstance. What more could you ask for? You don't want to find yourself in an emergency without one of these. What is Shortwave Radio, and why do I need it? In major disasters, you really need to be able to listen to shortwave radio, because local HAM radio broadcast on shortwave bands while assisting the government and local authorities assess the extent of the damage and planning emergency procedures. With this radio you can listen in on their broadcasts to find out what is really going on in your area, even when local news stations or power have been knocked out.

#-KA009 - $39.95



You Can Survive - Outdoor Survival Stove & Supplements

YOU CAN SURVIVE is a six ounce can that measures less than 2 1/2" in height and 3 1/2" in circumference. The sealed, watertight, reusable steel CAN contains a compact outdoor survival stove, fuel, matches and emergency nourishment supplements. The steel CAN itself becomes the cooking pot or a drinking cup.

YOU CAN SURVIVE when used in concert with some practical "Outdoor Common Sense," will provide nourishment and a very much needed psychological advantage to anyone who becomes lost or stranded in the wilderness. Because of its small size and limited weight, can easily be carried in a jacket pocket, a fanny pack, a backpack or stored in a truck, boat, car, camper or cabin, to be available if and when it is needed. The container is watertight and all the food items have long shelf lives, making it an "Ideal Accessory Item" for anyone who ventures into the Great Outdoors. The Boy Scouts of America feature this item in their Scout catalog of personal protection products.

#-MPI4513 - $11.99



Snake Bite Emergency Kit

Extract dangerous venom using this complete compact kit. Uses the constrictor/suction method. Ideal for pocket or pack complete and easy to use.

#-CG7925 - $6.99



Mosquito Repellant Coils

Repels mosquitos. Contains 10 coils. Coils are burned to release active ingredient in the smoke. Each coil burns for 6 hours.





#-CG8686 - $3.99



Snugpak Stratosphere Bivvi Shelter - Waterproof w/ Mosquito Net

Quick Overview

A waterproof/breathable one person Bivvi Shelter. Includes lightweight aluminum poles to create a self supporting canopy around the head and shoulders which allows increased beathability and movement while giving protection from the elements. Great for lightweight backpacking and survival situations.

Much smaller than a standard tent but with all the features, supplied with seven steel anchor pegs which includes a spare and packs into its own compression sack.



Product Description:

Seems are waterproof

Ultra compact 1 person shelter

Stands up to severe weather

Makes sure you stay dry

Small pack size

Zip: Full length side zip

Fabric top: 40D Nylon Ripstop, Waterproof and Moisture Permeable

Fabric bottom: 70D Nylon Taffeta with PU Coating

Poles: Aluminum with screw lock tips

Dimensions: 90 x 37 x 42 inches

Pack size: 14 x 4 x 6 inches

Weight: 46 ounces including poles, pegs, and compression sack




#-SP092860 - $149.95



                    Katadyn Micropur Water Tablets

The Only EPA Registered Purification Tablets on the Market - effective against Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria, and viruses. -The only disinfection system effective against viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and Giardia -Fresh tasting water - no unpleasant taste -Easy to use tablets -The same proven technology that is used in municipal water supplies -Lightweight and compact - ideal for traveling, lightweight backpacking, and emergency use

#-KD8013692 - $14.99


              MyBottle Purifier Green Deer

has the highest safety level available. It's EPA registered and provides safety in virtually any fresh water world-wide. It is ideal for international travel.

Product Description

MyBottle Purifier is the only EPA registered bottle purification system available. Simply fill the bottle with water, insert the purification system and drink from virtually any water source. It removes all viruses, bacteria, cysts from water plus the integral carbon cartridge reduces chemicals and makes water taste better. As always, each MyBottle includes a drinking straw to use as your everyday bottle if the source water is already safe to drink.

Additional Information

Manufacturer  Katadyn

Capacity:  24 oz after cartridge displacement

Effective against protozoa:  Yes

Filter pore size:  0.3 micron pleated glassfiber microfilter and granular activated carbon

Cartridge life:  up to 26 gallons (100 liters), depending on water quality


#-KD8017757 - $45.99



              Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

Small and compact, the Fire Starter offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry, so when you need it, you can trust it.

Compact fire starter with ferrocerium rod and metal striker

Lanyard to keep product secure and together

Emergency Whistle – Integrated into lanyard cord

Waterproof storage compartment for tinder

Land to air rescue instructions and SOS

Priorities of Survival – Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials

Overall Length: 4.8”   Weight: 2.6 oz.


#-GER0699 - $14.99



 Coghlan's Deluxe Pocket Saw

This Cadillac of all wire saws. This NATO approved tool will cut wood, plastic, bone, rubber, or soft metal. Unique 8-strand design. 30" blade is stainless steel. Plated swivel ends prevent twisting. Plated rings, pass one through the other converting saw to snare. Safe to handle.

Product Description

Deluxe Stainless Steel Unique 8-stand design 30" blade Swivel ends prevent twisting Carry in pocket or pack Cuts wood, plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal



#-CG8304 - $7.99



                        Interchangeable Shovel

Shovel interchanges with survival knife and axe comes with sheathShovel interchanges with survival knife and axe comes with sheath.


#-X14 - $10.99